Web Literacy Reflection

Writing both these articles really opened my eyes to all the research you have to do in order to make sure a source or document is credible. I had to do countless google searches and looking for different articles that I not only needed to be relevant to my article but also credible enough that I can use it. I did my research on the two topics; Can eating chocolate cake in the morning help weight loss, and Will it be beneficial to give the Amazon Alexa emotions. I was able to use a lot of google scholar for the “chocolate cake” question because there are lots of studies with cake and wight loss as well as studies on sugar which is what i used to point out the issues on eating chocolate cake in the morning. I wasn’t able to find much on Alexa’s emotions on the scholar so I had to make sure the articles I researched were credible. I did this by looking at the site history as well as looking up the author and the publisher.

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