Module 2: Culture

Richard Dawkins, a British scientist, coined the word meme and defined it as “a unit of cultural transmission.” We see memes everyday whether it’s on social media or if your friend is sending you some. Memes can be really significant in helping define and explain human culture and cultural evolution. The meme I will be analyzing today is the “white guy blinking” or “blinking guy” meme. The name of the man in the meme is Drew Scanlon. Drew Scanlon is a producer at Giant Bomb, which is a video game wiki/community. The meme/GIF comes from one of Giant Bomb’s video series called “Unprofessional Fridays” and it is his reaction to one of his coworkers saying “farming with my hoe” while playing a video game. This meme is used when you want to have the reaction be surprising or shocked. Here is an example of the meme in use:

This is a good example of the meme because it has another piece of culture relevance. The meme is referencing a song by Drake, a Canadian hip-hop/r&b artist, called “Gods Plan.” In the song he has a line that talks about how he only loves his bed and his mother but he doesn’t reference his dad. The meme is making a joke that his dad is shocked that he didn’t say he loved his as well.

This is another version of the meme template. This one is describing a person purchasing something with their debit card and when the money comes out of there bank account the person is shocked. This is relevant because people are always not wanting to spend money but they will continue to purchase wants and needs.

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