Module 1: Creativity

I wanted to create new aesthetic art and work on my photoshop skills. I hoped to make at least 3 different pieces while working on what it meant to make new aesthetic art. New aesthetic was coined by James Bridle and was used to describe art that used digital technology to blend the world of the digital and physical. With my first piece, the Gemini, I trying to make the picture seemed as unedited as possible while still being edited down. I took two photos of myself in different outfits and I cut my body’s out of both and then layered them onto a picture of the couch. For my second photo I wanted to do something that would pop out more, so I took and old black and white photo of a man shooting a gun and edited some colorful smoke so it looked like he was shooting out a bunch of colored smoke. For my third photo I wanted to do something that was obviously edited so I wanted to do something that looked like it would never happen. So I thought of me riding my dog and thought that it was too simple and over done and then I thought of my bearded dragon. I also wanted to give him wings since he is a dragon and I also had him breathing fire for effect. Basically I turned him into a mythological dragon and I was riding him. I learned a lot about the photoshop app and all the different tools you can use. I mainly stuck with the cut tool but I also utilized the filters and the blend tool. To help learn more I looked at YouTube for help and I used Instagram and tumblr to find inspiration for my work.

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