Digital Archeology

I am going to start out by saying that I had a lot of issues with this project. Not only was it extremely difficult for me to find something that I could take apart since I don’t like keeping around useless items but I also just didn’t really understand the whole project and I do blame the fact that we had to go online right at the start of the project. I do think I would’ve had a much better time with it had we stayed in class. I did really enjoy taking it apart though, I have always been one to have more fun with hands on projects or things of that nature. The hardest part of this project (besides spending hours looking for something to take apart) was trying to locate where my item came from. I started out by taking everything apart to begin with, I then looked at each piece trying to find anything about the history of the item. I then called my sister (who purchased the device) and talked to her about when and where she got it.

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