Third Module: Methodology

For my digital methodology project, I did the image visualization module. I took screenshots of one of my favorite movies, Tombstone. My first attempt was to take shots of all the important and some of my favorite scenes. After I put that together I got a really lousy barcode. I went back to the beginning of the movie and looked for more shots to take. I didn’t just want to take random shots of the movie because that wouldn’t be fun. So, I tried to take more shots around important characters and during dramatic exchanges. I ended up taking 108 pictures of the movie.

Here is final product:

Digital Archeology

I am going to start out by saying that I had a lot of issues with this project. Not only was it extremely difficult for me to find something that I could take apart since I don’t like keeping around useless items but I also just didn’t really understand the whole project and I do blame the fact that we had to go online right at the start of the project. I do think I would’ve had a much better time with it had we stayed in class. I did really enjoy taking it apart though, I have always been one to have more fun with hands on projects or things of that nature. The hardest part of this project (besides spending hours looking for something to take apart) was trying to locate where my item came from. I started out by taking everything apart to begin with, I then looked at each piece trying to find anything about the history of the item. I then called my sister (who purchased the device) and talked to her about when and where she got it.

Weird Internet Stuff

The the digital studies module I wanted to join this because I really enjoy art in any form. I like going to museums and even just looking through instagram or reddit. My goal is to learn how to manipulate art through a different lens.

Module 2: Culture

Richard Dawkins, a British scientist, coined the word meme and defined it as “a unit of cultural transmission.” We see memes everyday whether it’s on social media or if your friend is sending you some. Memes can be really significant in helping define and explain human culture and cultural evolution. The meme I will be analyzing today is the “white guy blinking” or “blinking guy” meme. The name of the man in the meme is Drew Scanlon. Drew Scanlon is a producer at Giant Bomb, which is a video game wiki/community. The meme/GIF comes from one of Giant Bomb’s video series called “Unprofessional Fridays” and it is his reaction to one of his coworkers saying “farming with my hoe” while playing a video game. This meme is used when you want to have the reaction be surprising or shocked. Here is an example of the meme in use:

This is a good example of the meme because it has another piece of culture relevance. The meme is referencing a song by Drake, a Canadian hip-hop/r&b artist, called “Gods Plan.” In the song he has a line that talks about how he only loves his bed and his mother but he doesn’t reference his dad. The meme is making a joke that his dad is shocked that he didn’t say he loved his as well.

This is another version of the meme template. This one is describing a person purchasing something with their debit card and when the money comes out of there bank account the person is shocked. This is relevant because people are always not wanting to spend money but they will continue to purchase wants and needs.

Web Literacy Reflection

Writing both these articles really opened my eyes to all the research you have to do in order to make sure a source or document is credible. I had to do countless google searches and looking for different articles that I not only needed to be relevant to my article but also credible enough that I can use it. I did my research on the two topics; Can eating chocolate cake in the morning help weight loss, and Will it be beneficial to give the Amazon Alexa emotions. I was able to use a lot of google scholar for the “chocolate cake” question because there are lots of studies with cake and wight loss as well as studies on sugar which is what i used to point out the issues on eating chocolate cake in the morning. I wasn’t able to find much on Alexa’s emotions on the scholar so I had to make sure the articles I researched were credible. I did this by looking at the site history as well as looking up the author and the publisher.

Module 1: Creativity

I wanted to create new aesthetic art and work on my photoshop skills. I hoped to make at least 3 different pieces while working on what it meant to make new aesthetic art. New aesthetic was coined by James Bridle and was used to describe art that used digital technology to blend the world of the digital and physical. With my first piece, the Gemini, I trying to make the picture seemed as unedited as possible while still being edited down. I took two photos of myself in different outfits and I cut my body’s out of both and then layered them onto a picture of the couch. For my second photo I wanted to do something that would pop out more, so I took and old black and white photo of a man shooting a gun and edited some colorful smoke so it looked like he was shooting out a bunch of colored smoke. For my third photo I wanted to do something that was obviously edited so I wanted to do something that looked like it would never happen. So I thought of me riding my dog and thought that it was too simple and over done and then I thought of my bearded dragon. I also wanted to give him wings since he is a dragon and I also had him breathing fire for effect. Basically I turned him into a mythological dragon and I was riding him. I learned a lot about the photoshop app and all the different tools you can use. I mainly stuck with the cut tool but I also utilized the filters and the blend tool. To help learn more I looked at YouTube for help and I used Instagram and tumblr to find inspiration for my work.

Hello World

Hello, my name is Tristan Johnson. I am a communications major and I am a junior. My domain is and I set up a sub-domain for this class. I use my domain to share my stories or to complete projects for certain classes, it’s a good resource that I know will not go away. I am utilizing Word Press since I have already been familiarized with it from previous classes. I have already connected all of my social media with my main domain. I did this to be able to access my post more easily if I wanted to put one of them on my site.